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2002 Nissan Sentra GXE problems?

I've heard rumors about the mass airflow sensor going bad on this car at around 70K miles, mine has over 72K on it. How can I tell it if it has gone bad? I haven't had the check engine light up, but sometimes the car has made strange noises. A month ago while driving, I heard a loud bang but the car was running fine. A few days ago, when starting it, I heard a wheezing noise coming from the engine for about 15 seconds. Oddly enough, my FM transmitter died a minute after, which leads me to my next point. The receiver has been with the car since it was bought new, it can only play CDs and AM/FM radio, and the CD player fails at times. I'm thinking about getting a new aftermarket unit, I know I'll need a dash kit, but what wires do I need to buy?

My car has some trunk problems too. Sometimes the lid doesn't close and I need to slam it a few times until it does. It is very difficult to open the lid with the key manually. The trunk button inside the car and on the key's remote work fine, the trunk is unlocked but it doesn't pop open like it used to.

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