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Computer Processor/RAM Question(s)?

The computer I am going to be buying has an AMD FX 4100 Processor in it. What processor(s) would be the best for a gaming computer within the budget of 100-300 dollars. Also does anyone know of a RAM drive that has 16GB each. I would like to get 2 x 16GB for this computer. I havent seen any, anywhere so it probably isnt possible. It only has 2 RAM slots so It would need to be times 2. Thanks.


The reason I need 32GB is for 3D CAD programs. I need to be able to run (you might not be familiar with) AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 4.0, and Solidworks at once. Probably along with a game. Ive attempted this on 16GB RAM with an Intel Xeon Processor and it crashed or was unbelievably slow in the CAD programs. Also ive heard the AMD "FX" series isnt very good. What would you recommend for a processor?

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