May 2021 9 112 Report
Corporal Punishment. Favored?

It just seems to me that the only real solution to the masses of these bratty spoiled children is Corporal Punishment. As a kid (only 10 years ago) I would be often spanked for breaking rules and slapped for disobeying my parents. And now I'm glad I got it. I don't feel abused or hurt like most of those parents now adays claim I should. I'm not a violent person in the least. My parents would set rules, and then punish me if I broke them. When I was 6, or even 7. I already knew what I shouldn't do just by having a hunch from the sort of rules my parents set. What I mean by this is that things that were not specified in rules I would obey as well. I have had great respect for my parents, and they have always treated me well. Its just after seeing all these "I would NEVER land a hand on my precious child" thing as well as all the anti-corporal punishment opinions nowadays its no wonder the amount of spoilt/bratty children are around. My father often told me his school used to discipline through corporal punishment, as well as my mothers. They were not violent people as well. I hardly knew what violence was until I was 8 or 9. My parents both said that the way discipline was delivered was very effective.

Thank you.


I disagree Jenifer. I have seen people claim exactly that on shows about these children. It does not work for the brats I am talking about.

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