Do Colleges look at Freshmen scores ?

Ok well I'm a Freshmen right now and boy...I have a

B Honors English

B Career Management

A Honors Algebra I

For Earth Science I have an (F) Yes an (F) NEVER in my life have I had an F

Final Exams and EOCs are this coming week DEC 15-18

Final Exams are 20% of my Grade and EOC are 25%

In earth science I got a B in the class last quarter but THIS quarter I was out 8 days due to illnesses and The class eventually overwhelmed me >.<

I have a 63.5 The teacher Is allowing Test corrections on our lowest test grad and that should pull me to a 65-66

In my school 70 is passing I want to know If I get 97-100 on my Final (Which I probably will the study guide was a sinch I only got one question wrong and I've been studying my butt off same for the other classes) (The exam is 100 questions long)

Will my overall grade in Earth Science be good enough to not scar my High school record

Please someone tell me I'm very worried

I'm Attending an Early College at the Moment its much faster paced than a regular High school(I'll be taking college classes next semester inter-grated with high school work don't ask how it works its a long story ) so we're getting more done in less amount of time so I'm really worried about this grade. I don't want to make it seem like I was unable to get a good grade

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