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Do external grants or scholarships lower subsidized loans?

Hi, I'm new here and wasn't sure where to post this so I'm adding it to the education and finance categories. I'm a high school senior who is getting ready for college. I received my financial aid package in December and it shown that I had $3,500 in subsidized loans and $2,000 in unsubsidized loans. Along with other grants and scholarships I had at the time, I was left with $510 to pay out of pocket for the academic year. I'm also employed at my local McDonald's which allows me to receive $2,500 in financial aid from them. With that extra money, I had the idea of removing my unsub loans and $500 of the $510 I owe out of pocket. When I requested to have my unsub loans removed, I was told that with the extra grant money, my sub loan eligibility decreased and whatever was taken from my sub loans were added to my unsub loans. I contacted them with the same question as I have now, and I wanted to get insight from other people to see if anyone knew if it's true that external financial aid like from McDonald's lowers subsidized loan eligibility.

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