How to cure extreme social phobia?

Ive been at college for a couple of weeks now, and haven't spoken to anyone new, have made no new friends, am lonely all the time as my old friends from school are rarely in at the same time as me and am really depressed about it. I really want to talk to people but I get so anxious in social situations that arn't either with close family or friends I've known for years. When Im speaking to my family for example I can talk fine for hours, like any other person. However when its with people I don't know I find myself unable to speak, or have to spend a few seconds stuttering and forcing out words. If I know a social situation is coming up I get so nervous and scared. If a teacher is going round the class asking people things I fear them reaching me so much, fear I wont be able to speak, as I usually can't. This stops me ever putting my hand up to answer questions as I know I will just embarrass myself by not speaking or stuttering really badly. I even stutter a bit with close friends. I hate fearing talking to anyone, being unable to talk and feeling like I'm going to have a panic attack. It makes me so lonely. I know I sound so pathetic, I practise talking when I'm alone and am perfectly fine, but as soon as I'm in these situations I become so self-concious and scared. Please help me, tell me what I could do. I hate living like this.

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