MEPS physical?

Hi I am joining the Navy, and I just did my physical yesturday. Anyway I had ACL surgery and was told that I would need a waiver for that which would go to BUMED. Well the Chief Medical Officer at MEPS did not disqualify me which I was told would happened because its regulation for some things and ACL reconstruction is one of them. Again, anyway when I was done with the physical which I passed with flying colors (you know the stuff in your underwear for those who are military) I took my packet to the front desk and they said all I needed was a consult from one of their orthopedic doctors that they schedule for. I thought that was weird because usually BUMED requests a consult before the waiver is fully approved, but CMO said all the needs to see is a consult and I'm cleared. Well I'll get to my question I looked at my PHULES score and got all 1's except a 0 on the Lower exermities. I looked it up there is no 0 is the CMO leaving it at 0 till he gets the results of the consult.

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