Pisces Males- Oral Se** Question?

Guys, my best friend just called crying because she felt that this guy she just gave oral s** to in the car doesnt want to go further. She said she thought it would be ok because he said he was looking to date casually. Now, she's worried she's a ****. What do you guys think? I think that it really just depends on the guy. she says he didnt force her. she wants to like go out with him but i told her that hey he has her number now so if he doesnt call her in 2 weeks, ignore him she wants casually dating and told him. like she wants to go out on dates and have fun but also be able to be free sexually. he said likewise. they both are supposedly anti-clingly. he said the thing he fears about dating is the getting attached and the girl wanting to crowd him too much


she just wasnt sure how he would react since every sign is different.

Update 3:

she just told me today that he said his last ex-gf was an aquarius. lol. shes one too.

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