Royal Rumble or Survivor Series plus EWA Episode 42 Part 2?

Prasdana addresses the message to the unknown man, messing with him and EWA.

(Prasdana is in a dark room with a spotlight. )

P: I am sick of this stuff, happening every week. Earlier this monday, I searched for any "new" people backstage but there was no one. Besides a few new workers. Who knows who could be messing with me. It could be the pyro man. Who knows, but I have a message for that person..You dare to come into my match tonight, I swear, I swear. I will hunt you down and get you. Thats all I have to say to you...

Match 4: Extreme Rumble preview one

Amazing Adam, Risky,Shaun Cold vs. Suicidal D, Skills, Cliff

When the bell rang all chaos broke lose. The ref tried to store order, Risky slipped out and grabbed a steal chair. As the others brawl, Risky sips in unnoticed. Risky swinged the chair at Adam's back. Then everyone stops in their tracks and looks at Risky. Risky yells "Bring it on". Cliff then steps in front of everyone, He runs straight at Risky. Risky swings but misses. Cliff knocks him down then the others stomps on Risky. Ganging up on him. Then Skills and Shaun get back into their own fight. Cliff picks Risky back up and goes for styles clash but Risky slips out into a DDT. Risky still unnoticed grabs the steel chair. Suicidal notcies and rushes Risky. He gets a steel chair to the body. Then Risky swings the chair at Shaun's back causing him to drop to his knees. Cliff rushes Risky. Risky uses the tip of the chair to stab Cliff in the gut then a steel chair shot to the back. Then Skills waits for Risky to turns then picking him up in a firemans's carry. But Risky wiggles his way out. Risky slips out from behind then pushes Skills into the ref. Skills bounces back and gets a steel chair to the knee.Skills collapses to the canvas grabbing his knee. Risky drops the chair and raises both arms. Risky has returned back to the heel Risky.

Winner: Suicidal D, Skills, Cliff via DQ in 0:34

Main Event: EWA World Championship with Mr.Blood as special ref

Prasdana vs. Notorious Xtreme(c)

Blood came out in his ref shirt. The two go to lock up. NX kicks Prasdana in the gut.NX whips Prasdana to the ropes but NX counters sending NX to the ropes. Prasdana drops to his belly while NX jumps over him. NX bounces back and gets a dropkick from Prasdana, Prasdana quickly hooks the leg but a two. Both men get up, surpisingly Blood gave a fir count. Prasdana whips NX to the ropes. Prasdana goes for another dropkick but NX hangs onto the ropes. NX grabs both legs and hits a legdrop between prasdana's legs. Ouch, Then NX finishes it off with a dropkick to the chest of prasdana as he was sitting. NX hooks the leg but a two. Another fair count by BVK. Both men get up, NX lets Prasdana get up by himself. Prasdana uses the turnbuckles to get back up. As soon as he was up, NX rushes him. Prasdana sidesteps out of the way causing NX to run into the turnbuckle. Then Prasdana rushes him but gets a boot to the face. NX then climbs onto the middle rope. NX jumps into a sunset flip pin, but Prasdana slips out into a kick right to the cheek. Prasdana has a chance to win it!! Prasdana then gets back up and bounces off the ropes and hits legdrop. Prasdana drags himself for the pin but another two! Prasdana picks up NX and then whips him back to the ropes. NX reverses sending Prasdana to the ropes. Both men dart at eachother thinking crossbody! Ohhh! A high impact! NX is able to get back. NX picks Prasdana back up and whips him to the ropes. Prasdana bounces off the ropes but hangs on. NX rushes him but gets a boot to the face. NX is stunned and walks it off. Prasdana pulls the rope. Spinrgboard moonsault! No! NX holds onto him. NX then drops Prasdana and goes for a DDT. But prasdana grabs both legs tripping him. Prasdand then rolls foreward for a pin but NX reverses it for a sunset flip! 1.....2...............NO! Blood was slow on the last count. NX got back up. He had so much adreline that he didn't hear Blood count slow. NX goes for a toe kick but Prasdana catches his leg. NX reverses the counter with a enzurguri. It causes Prasdana to trip into the corner. NX rushes him for a dropkick in he corner but Prasdana rolls away. Prasdana gets up, limping and he waits for NX to get up. WTF! Who?Who the hell is that!! Ohhh! A masked man just rushed in the ring from the crowd and hit Prasdana in the head with a metal thing? A masked man, a large buff masked man. The camera had turned away trying to stop the person from being on Tv. Only 3 seconds of him were shown. He dissapeared. Prasdana is knocked down. Blood had no choice but to ring the bell.

Winner: Prasdana via DQ in 08:25. But NX still champion.

NX goes to check on Prasdana. As NX turns back to Blood he gets a Spear!!! About the hundredth he got this year! Blood ends the show with him standing tall and Prasdana knocked out cold.

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