Trail obstacles...?

I am entering a DIFFERENT type of trail trial in a couple of weeks.

This trail trial is going to be done on actual trails in the mountains. The object is to negotiate obstacles that would NATURALLY occur on trails.

The contest organizers won't give out details on the types of obstacles they will be blocking the trails with.

My question is...what kind of obstacles can ya'll think of that would occur NATURALLY on the trails. I'd like to have some ideas to work with my horse on...before I show up.

This is not a timed event. You are judged on how you and your horse negotiate these particular obstacles.

I'm thinking...

crossing water

downed trees across trail

turning around on narrow trail

dropping off into deeper water

climbing out of water onto bank

plastic bags hanging from trees?? Spook factor

Barking dogs maybe??

Piles of multi-colored 'garbage?'

Any other ideas to work on???


Steep hills...we have alot of those. And you wouldn't believe how many people won't stop and give their horses a breather on the way up. Or going down steep hills...I know 'switchbacking' or at a diagonal is better than straight down...if you have that option.

Update 3:

Geez...I just thought of another! Naked people...

There are quite a few 'nudies' around here. Doubt they'd be in the woods though...poison oak is rampant...

Update 5:

Oh please...don't let there be llamas or pigs!! My horses can't stand either one of them!! I can get my mare to pass them from about 20 feet away...but no closer. The opinion around that pigs smell alot like bear...and that's why horses don't like them. I don't know...but its a good a reason as any...

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