Windows xp on laptop?

Hi. I just bought new fujitsu siemens laptop and i need to install operating system. So, first, i put xp professional cd in it. Then, among other stuff, it says: "to set up windows xp now, press ENTER", so i press it. Then I press F8 to confirm licence agreement. Then I get this:


The following list shows existing partitions and unpartitioned space on the computer.

Use UP and DOWN ..... partitiones.

-to set up windows xp on this item, press ENTER

-to create partition on unpartitioned space, press C

-to create unpartitioned space press D

Unknown disk

<there is no disk in this drive>


If i press ENTER or C window shuts down to "prevent damage to my computer". If i press D it says that partition that im trying to delete is system partition that contains programs which i need to start operating system and im afraid to delete it because im not sure what that means. But when i press ESC to cancel it, it shut down my computer, again "to prevent damage to my computer". What should I do. Please help.

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